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Incident triage and response

Incident triage and response

In case your organization is under attack, Outflank can support you with expert advice and strong experience in incident response. We can work with your SOC and CSIRT team during investigation and containment of the incident and provide clear input to decision makers.


Amongst others, our team members have experience in dealing with the following types of attacks:

  • APT and digital espionage
  • Spear-phishing
  • CEO-fraud
  • Banking malware
  • Large-scale ransomware outbreaks

Note that Outflank incident response services aim at gaining an understanding of the attacker and the incident to allow efficient decission making. Outflank does not provide (legal) forensic analysis services or deploy forensic agents. For this, we can work together with your preferred specialists or we can recommend a trusted partner.

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