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Building resilient C2 infrastructures using DNS over HTTPS (DoH)

Persistent access to a target’s network is one of the milestones in any offensive operation. During our operations, we use various types of short-haul beacons for day-to-day operations. If all short-haul beacons fail, a long-haul beacon which calls back much less frequently, can restore access to the target’s network. As such, a long-haul beacon should […]

Cobalt Strike over external C2 – beacon home in the most obscure ways

DISCLAIMER: this blog post covers functionality of Cobalt Strike that is not officially supported, nor fully tested or confirmed to ever appear with the current specs as official functionality. If you want to experiment with this yourself, @armitagehacker has provided a link that will be used for future documentation. It is however a lot of […]

Harakiri – exploitation of a mail handler

If you’re a penetration tester, you’ve been there: that customer that certainly knows what they’re doing. The one that makes their stuff secure by the less-is-more concept. In an assignment of all internet facing systems of this customer we had to dig deeper to find something. After extensive testing of their web applications, we weren’t […]