No rookies, only seasoned professionals

A team with exceptional experience

Outflank is a highly specialized IT security company. All our team members have at least 10 years of experience in security testing and red teaming. Together, our team members have performed hundreds of security tests and red teaming engagements. We complement this strong offensive experience with deep expertise in IT security defence. Several of our team members have fulfilled positions in security teams of multinationals and all of us have worked for big-4 accountancy firms. This experience allows us to provide pragmatic and to-the-point advise which is understandable for both engineers and management.

What drives us

We focus on engagements where our team effort and experience really makes a difference.

We love:

  • Working in technically complex environments.
  • Combining our knowledge and experience to develop custom backdoors and perform state of the art attacks.
  • Demonstrating how an advanced attacker could penetrate your environment and how you can defend against this.
  • Running attack simulations where we challenge and train your SOC or CSIRT team.
  • Performing engagements in highly confidential and sensitive environments where security really matters.

The bigger the challenge, the more satisfaction when we succeed.

Meet the team

The Outflank team consists of 9 highly experienced red teamers.

We all have a background in ethical hacking and are truly passionate about this topic.