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Evil Clippy: MS Office maldoc assistant

At BlackHat Asia we released Evil Clippy, a tool which assists red teamers and security testers in creating malicious MS Office documents. Amongst others, Evil Clippy can hide VBA macros, stomp VBA code (via p-code) and confuse popular macro analysis tools. It runs on Linux, OSX and Windows. In this blog post we will explore […]

Recordings of our DerbyCon and BruCON presentations

This month (October 2018) our team members presented at two hacker conferences: The MS Office magic show at DerbyCon Mirror on the wall: using blue team techniques in red team ops at BruCON Below, you can find the video recordings of these presentations.

Old school: evil Excel 4.0 macros (XLM)

In this post, I will dive into Excel 4.0 macros (also called XLM macros – not XML) for offensive purposes. If you grew up in the Windows 95 age or later, just as I did, you might have never heard of this technology that was introduced as early as 1992. Virtually all malicious macro documents […]

HTML smuggling explained

Using a combination of HTML5 and JavaScript to sneak malicious files past content filters is not a new offensive technique. This mechanism has been incorporated into popular offensive frameworks such as Demiguise and SharpShooter for example. However, from our discussions and trainings with blue teams, we have learned that many defenders are not aware of […]